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Friday, 6 July 2012


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Recently, we visited Yorkshire. During our return from the northern part of the county, we took a detour to visit East Yorkshire and in particular Spurn Head, which is at the tip of the region of the county known as Holderness. We stopped in the beautiful town of Beverley, where we made inquiries at its tourist office. The lady who spoke to us recommended a route, which included the small seaside village of Aldbrough.

She was particularly keen that we should take a look at the small road that leads to the beach at Aldbrough. It would afford us a good view of coastal erosion.

When we arrived there, we left the main road and after driving about a mile, we saw a sign advising us that the road was closed ahead. We drove up to a temporary barrier of thick concrete blocks, parked the car and looked over the barrier:

What we saw can only be described as being terrifyingly dramatic. 

We walked along the cliff edge high above the North Sea, looking at the grass covered chunks of land that had fallen away recently. They were less than 100 yards from a caravan site!