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Saturday, 29 September 2012



How did Jakob Klein, the hero of Adam Yamey's "Rogue of Rouxville" become involved with these flightless creatures?

And, why did he, a young immigrant from Bavaria, get locked up in a jail in a small town in the old Orange Free State?

Then again, what led to this altercation ?:

"Hey Constable, what’s your bleddy hurry? Look you’ve spilt my drink all over my waistcoat.” 

“Shtand ashide for an offisher of the law,” Röttcher shouted, pushing his assailant away. 

The man he had just upset was Dirk Van Der Walt, who lived up by the River Caledon and was visiting Rouxville for the weekend.

“Don’t molest me, Officer. I asked you why the hurry. And, what do you mean by your rudeness?”

“Make way for the law, I shed.”

“The law - that’s a good one, Constable Rotgut,” Van Der Walt said, bursting into laughter.

“I can arresht you for inshulting and asshaulting me.”

“Ag, drinking on duty, is it?” 

“He’s the constable who’s friendly with that fellow Klein,” said someone standing nearby.

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